Dangers of Drinking and Driving

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“What’s the harm? Everyone does it.  I got home safely and no one was hurt”. This may be a typical mind-set of many who drink and drive and do not consider the consequences. When you decide to drive after drinking, you are not just putting your life at risk but are also putting the lives of other people in danger.

The Magnitude of the Problem

Below are a few chilling DWI/DUI statistics:

  • Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers in the US, and are responsible for one in three deaths among American teenagers.
  • 2 out of every five Americans are involved in an alcohol-related traffic crash.
  • Each year, in the U.S., about 600,000 – 10 percent – of all police-reported motor vehicle crashes are alcohol-related.
  • In 2013, the total number of alcohol related crashes were 8,368 people out of which 7, 898 were drivers who were charged with a DWI/ DUI.
  • Each year, nationally, about 534,000 people suffer injuries in alcohol-related traffic crashes, with an average of one person injured every minute. About 40,000 of these are serious injuries.

Dangers of Drinking and Driving- A Glimpse of DWI Dangerous Consequences

‘Drunk’ driver charged in crash with limo that killed 4 women- Four women were killed in a horrific limo crash on July 18th 2015. The accused ‘drunken driver’ whose truck struck the limo was held on $500,000 bail. The 55 year old driver was charged with a misdemeanor of driving while intoxicated in the T-bone collision late Saturday afternoon.

Your loved ones, in an effort to break the habit.

What Makes Drinking And Driving So Dangerous?

A driver with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.10 or greater is seven times more likely to be involved in a fatal motor vehicle crash than is a driver who has not consumed alcoholic beverages. The factors that make drinking and driving dangerous include:

  • Reduced ability to judge the speed of your vehicle.
  • Reduced ability to see and hear normally.
  • Reduced ability to judge the distance between your car and other vehicles.
  • Reduced ability to notice traffic lights, pedestrians and other hazards.
  • Reduced concentration
  • Compromised balance, especially dangerous if you are riding a motorcycle.
  • Possible drowsiness.
  • Reduced ability to react quickly

The dangers and consequences of drinking and driving are definitely not worth the risk.

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