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Our matrimonial and family law attorneys have counseled individuals, couples and families in our New York & New Jersey communities for almost four decades. The law firm of Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C. can help you if you are seeking to move with children, or if you wish to contest the other parent’s attempt to relocate with your children.

If you are divorced with children or if you were never married but have a child custody order, you must seek legal advice regarding any potential move.  Relocation without agreement of the other parent and/or an order of court may violate your divorce decree and child custody order.

When Can a Parent Relocate with Children?

If you have made the decision to remarry, pursue military service or accept a job transfer, you may have to seek modification of your child custody order and parenting schedule.  A legitimate parental relocation and subsequent post-divorce modification may be warranted due to a number of different situations, including:

  • Remarriage
  • Job transfer
  • Job loss
  • Job promotion
  • Job seeking
  • Illness or injury treated by specialized health care in another state
  • Military transfer

If the other parent objects to your move with children, you may have to demonstrate that the move is not just for your own personal benefit. The court’s paramount concern is that the proposed move would be in the best interest of the children. If your proposed relocation is granted, you will have to adjust the parenting time schedule to ensure the other parent is able to maintain a relationship with your children.

Solutions for New York and New Jersey Parental Relocation and Child Removal

No parent wants to be separated from his or her child, but a divorce can mean that you have no choice but to share time with the other parent. Rockland County divorce attorney Paul Goldhamer understands how frustrating this situation can be and works hard to alleviate your anxieties and to protect your parental rights.

KGG attorneys use extensive legal knowledge and talent for thoughtful recommendations to keep families intact after an out-of-state parental relocation. We can facilitate travel scheduling plans and use of high-tech devices such as web cameras and smart phones to allow both parents to continue to have prominent roles in their child’s life.

KGG Will Work With You to Protect Your Visitation Rights

If you are concerned that your former spouse is misusing parental relocation as an excuse to make your visitations more difficult, we can help you find out the truth. We investigate to determine the true reasons behind a request for a parental relocation. We offer thoughtful guidance and legal leadership that can bring an end to these disputes. If an agreement cannot be reached and your parental relocation must be litigated in court, we can aggressively defend your position before a judge.

If you intend to request a parental relocation, or contest a child removal proposed by a former spouse, you should speak with the KGG family law department right away. Contact our full-service law offices for the quality representation you need and attentive personal service you deserve.

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