Advance Health Care Directives

Our Estate Planning Lawyers Draft Heath Care Proxies and Living Wills

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The KGG law firm has experience crafting health care proxies and living wills for individuals and couples alike. No matter the size of your estate, health care proxies and living wills (or, in New Jersey, a Combined Advance Health Care Directive and Health Care Proxy) are important parts of your estate plan.

Understanding Estate Law Terms

At KGG, our estate attorneys realize that while we deal with these terms and documents on a daily basis, our clients do not. We want to be certain that you understand each of the items in your estate planning portfolio.

  • Health Care Proxy is another term for a Power of Attorney for Heath Care, a document that authorizes a chosen agent to make important medical decisions in the event you become ill or incapacitated or otherwise unable to make those decisions for yourself.
  • Living Will is not a testamentary will, but a document that expresses your wishes regarding continuation or termination of life support in various circumstances.
  • Advance Health Care Directive is more than an expression of wishes – it sets forth a series of specific instructions regarding whether and when life extending treatments or procedures should be withheld or withdrawn, and your New Jersey Health Care Representative (named in a companion Health Care Proxy) is obliged to enforce your instructions, and your Health Care Representative may make decisions for you only if a situation should arise as to which you have given no instruction.

More Information about Health Care Proxies and Living Wills

A Health Care Agent (NY) or a Health Care Representative (NJ) may receive otherwise confidential information from doctors and hospitals regarding your health and the care you are receiving.

A Living Will provides guidance and comfort to the health care agent named in your New York Health Care Proxy. Hospitals can be legally obligated to maintain artificial life support in the absence of an Advance Health Care Directive (NJ) or instructions from your Health Care Agent (NY).

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