Motorcycle Hit and Run Accident

Photo of motorcycle accidentGetting injured in a motorcycle accident with another vehicle is traumatic enough. But when the driver flees the scene of the crash, what recourse do victims have? Hit and run accidents pose their own distinct challenges, which can be faced head-on with the guidance of a capable motorcycle accident attorney in Rockland and Bergen Counties. The law firm of Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman has enjoyed four decades of success helping New York and New Jersey residents get the compensation they rightfully deserve. When you call our office for a private consultation, you’ll be speaking with a motorcycle accident lawyer who understands the civil components of hit and run accidents and the best strategies for achieving a favorable settlement or court award.

Help after a hit and run motorcycle accident

Even if the negligent driver is never found, we can still help you pursue monetary damages for your losses. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling uninsured motorist claims and crafting solid demand packages with insurance companies. When another driver’s reckless actions undermine the quality of your life, you need legal counsel of the highest caliber. Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman are strong advocates for bikers and work diligently to ensure that justice is serviced.

Injured motorcyclists may be entitled to benefits from their own insurance policy after a hit and run, as well as pain and injury damages provided under their uninsured motorist coverage endorsement. Not sure if you have a valid claim? Reach out for a free case review in our Bergen County or Rockland County offices.

Hit and run laws in New York and New Jersey

In both New York and New Jersey, leaving the scene of an accident is a very serious offense that can result in monetary fines, jail time and both civil and criminal charges. In most cases, a driver flees the scene of a crash because they lack insurance, a valid license or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If the motorcycle accident causes personal injury or death, the consequences are even more severe, with fines reaching up to $10,000.

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatal hit and run accidents have increased by nearly 14 percent over the past 5 years. New York City is home to some 40,000 hit-and-run accidents a year, many involving motorcyclists. Last year, the city launched a new alert system to catch hit and run drivers. Similar to AMBER Alerts, the system sends out text messages with identifying information about the vehicle, boosting NYPD efforts in tracking down suspects.

Fleeing at-fault motorists are not always caught, but injured motorcycle riders still have options for legal recovery. Due to strict deadlines for filing an injury claim, it’s advisable to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. We work with seasoned accident reconstructionists, forensic experts and private detectives, and fight hard to maximize your compensation.

Compensation for catastrophic motorcycle injuries

Life-threatening injuries are all too common in motorcycle accidents. Victims and their families must cope with medical and hospital bills, lost wages and other financial hardships during a long and often painful recovery process.

We have helped hit and run accident victims seek fair reparations for crippling injuries resulting in brain damage, paralysis, loss of limbs and mobility.  Whether you are partially disabled or will require many months of physical therapy, our lawyers will document the full extent of your losses to account for:

  • Hospitalization
  • Medical bills
  • Surgery and medications
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income during recovery
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Property damage
  • Loss of companionship, guidance and enjoyment in life
  • Burial and funeral expenses (in the event of wrongful death)

We advance our legal services to clients on a contingency basis, which means our fees are deducted from your final settlement or award. If we don’t recover on your behalf, you owe nothing. Take advantage of our experience, legal expertise and commitment to client success.

Injured in a hit and run motorcycle accident?

Our legal team is proud to offer steadfast advocacy for bikers who were hurt through no fault of their own. If you or someone you love was injured by a driver who fled the scene, Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman P.C is here to safeguard your rights. Our substantial personal injury settlements and verdicts speak for themselves.

Arrange a free consultation in either of our two office locations in Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, New Jersey.

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