KGG Recovers $690,000 for Motorcycle Accident Victim

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Recently, attorney Barry Kantrowitz successfully settled a serious motorcycle accident case just prior to the commencement of jury selection in Middlesex County, New Jersey. The 26-year-old injured rider sustained severe multiple fractures to his leg and hip when an 18-wheeler truck turned left across his path on a local roadway. Photo of motorcycle accident

Despite some witnesses who alleged that the motorcycle was traveling at very high speed, Kantrowitz’ investigation revealed that the driver had worked into the early hours of the morning from a prior shift and was not scheduled to drive on the date of the accident. A scheduling change got the driver back on the road with questionably adequate sleep. The driver admitted during deposition that she turned left while her view of oncoming traffic was obstructed.

Through the use of a certified accident reconstruction expert, Kantrowitz was prepared to establish at trial that the eyewitness’ account of the motorcycle speeding far in excess of the posted limit was unlikely.

In preparation for trial, Kantrowitz had large posters made of the collision scene and additional poster exhibits of the X-rays demonstrating the extensive injuries as well as the rods, screws and plates used to repair the rider’s injuries. Several settlement attempts through mediation were unsuccessful. It was only because of the thorough preparation of the case for trial that the insurance carrier finally made a reasonable settlement offer.

As this case shows, KGG has a successful record of representing motorcycle accident victims with serious injuries.

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KGG’s Corner: Motorcycle accidents result in 70 or more fatalities and about 2,000 injuries each year in New Jersey.

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