Are There Positives For Children of Divorce?

By Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C.Family Law Attorney

A couple of weeks ago in our blog, we discussed tips for speaking to your children about a divorce. Remember, a divorce can be an emotional struggle for all of the parties involved—there is no sugarcoating this.

However, this does not mean that the dissolution of your marriage cannot lead to better things. If you are in a marriage where infidelity, substance abuse, emotional abuse and/or domestic violence are prevalent, the outcome of a divorce may prove to be incredibly beneficial for your child.

Additionally, if you are experiencing stressors that cannot be overcome in your marriage, including incompatibility, personality problems, communication breakdowns and/or financial fighting, seeking a divorce may prove to be a sensible decision.

Remember, you have no legal obligation to stay in a toxic marriage even if you have children.

Blogger Discusses the Benefits of Her Parents’ Divorce

We bring this issue up because recently there was an interesting blog published by the Huffington Post where author Toria Sheffield, discussed the “perks” of her parents’ divorce.

According to Sheffield, she learned a few things through her parents’ divorce, including:

  • I learned to have a realistic perspective on relationships (I have never been burdened by the belief that I needed to be in a relationship to feel complete.)
  • My expectations are not set in stone (I learned at an early age that there are many ways to live a happy (and unhappy) life.)
  • I understand that sometimes marriages fail, and that’s okay.

To review Sheffield’s story, you can click on the source link at the bottom of this page. She does a good job talking about how a divorce can affect a child. Nevertheless, there may be long-term positives in divorces that some people fail to fully understand.

How Can I Contact an Attorney About a Divorce?

Again, divorce is an emotional process that is also legally complex. If you are thinking about divorcing your spouse, you need to get quality advice about issues including the division of marital assets and child custody.

Our lawyers have experience handling intricate and emotionally challenging divorce cases—if you need our assistance, be aware that we understand the difficulties associated with divorcing a spouse.

Continue to follow our blog for more information about family law issues.

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