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Photo of in house trainingOur employment attorneys provide development and presentation of in-house employee training for personnel at all levels of your company. Our law firm has extensive experience in employment law matters. We have acted as general counsel to many companies and have significant corporate litigation experience.

Employee training on human resources issues and company policies can be beneficial for your employees and your business. Providing that training in-house means that you have control over the messages that are conveyed, and where the focal points lie.

Why Would A Business Need Employee Training?

Addressing the important issues covered in your employee handbook with a training session goes a long way to prevent problems. It allows you, as an employer, to illustrate the importance of everyone understanding and following all policies and procedures.

If an employee who has been through the training files a complaint, your company is in a better position to defend against it after having provided the employee with the information in multiple forms. It is especially important to be certain that any employment agreements, such as a non-compete agreements, are fully understood by an employee before they sign it.

What Topics Will My In-House Training Cover?

Employee training should go over each of the topics in the company’s employee handbook or employee manual. Some sections may only need to have key points touched on, while the more complicated topics should likely be covered in greater detail. It can also be beneficial to address special subjects that arise from time to time; such as an existing conflict, a new law or new policy.

Employees should receive training on how to handle certain hot-button issues which could manifest in their work environment. Among these discrimination, sexual harassmenthostile workplace, disciplinary procedures and privacy policies are likely the most common. If you have company-specific policies regarding appropriate workplace language, behavior, or other specific topics they are also important to address.

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We have developed successful training programs for all levels of staff members: high-level management, assistant managers, supervisors and other employees. Contact our business and employment attorneys today and let us work with you to create a training program to fit your business. Please call our office at (800) 711-5258 to schedule an appointment. Messages left after business hours are returned promptly.

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