McDonald’s Franchiser Settles NYC Class Action Lawsuit

According to Al Jazeera America, a McDonald’s franchise owner in New York City recently agreed to settle a class action lawsuit over unpaid employee laundry allowances, uncompensated work time and unlawful wage deductions. Photo of legal document

The news source reported that the settlement was for $500,000.

The defendant, Richard Cisneros, owner of seven McDonald’s restaurant franchises, agreed to compensate 1,600 current and former employees for failing to pay legally required stipends to launder their uniforms, enforcing unlawful wage deductions for covering cash register shortfalls and unpaid overtime incurred between 2007 and July 2013.

“Our lowest wage workers deserve the same protections of the law as everyone else. It’s critical, for them and for their families as well as for our economy, that we remain vigilant so that no New Yorkers are cheated out of their hard-won earnings,” New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman said in a statement.

As of last week, there were several major class action lawsuits involving fast food workers filed against McDonald’s and it is franchisers in California, Michigan and New York. Experts said the lawsuits could affect more than 30,000 low-wage workers.

It should be noted that McDonald’s is worth $28 billion and operates more than 35,000 restaurants worldwide.

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KGG’s Corner: A 2012 poll found that 84 percent of fast-food employees in NYC said they experienced wage theft from employers.


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