Class Action Lawsuit: Apple Hit with Litigation over MacBook Pro

Whenever a company sells the public something that is defective, it should offer a refund to customers and/or repair the issues, or be held liable. 1460141_1

You see this often with automobiles. It should be noted that the class action attorneys at KGG are currently involved in a punitive litigation involving alleged defects in the timing chain tensioning systems on several Nissan vehicles.

When a company puts out defective products, it opens itself up to class action lawsuits.

A good example of this occurred recently when three people filed a lawsuit against Apple over claims that its 2011 MacBook Pro notebooks with AMD graphics were defective. The lawsuit claims that there are graphical distortions and system crashes in the notebooks.

The lawsuit is seeking class action status for customers in California and Florida. In one Apple support thread online, the lawsuit claims that there have been more than 9,300 replies about the alleged defects. Those involved in the case say that repairs to fix the defects have cost them anywhere from $350 to $600.

How Can I File a Class Action Lawsuit?

If you have purchased a product that is defective and the company has done nothing to alleviate the issue, you should contact KGG attorney Gary Graifman by calling or using the online contact form on this page.

It is possible that you could file a lawsuit seeking class action status, which would allow for all customers who have been affected by the issue to receive compensation.

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