Trend Micro Subscription Cutoff Class Action

The Firm is Co-Lead Counsel in a putative class action against Trend Micro, Inc. (USA), a software company specializing in security software for computers, which is intended to protect computers from threats such as viruses, trojan horses, etc. The Complaint alleges that when subscribers to a trial subscription (e.g., one that comes with their newly-purchased computer) renew their subscription earlier than the end date of that subscription, the remaining time on the current subscription is cut off and the consumer is not compensated for the loss of that time. The suit also alleges that certain types of upgrades from one type of product to another also result in a loss of time if the subscriber upgrades before the end of the current subscription. The suit seeks damages for the lost period of time for consumers and a resolution which requires the company to post, a notice of this policy.

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