Attorney Barry S. Kantrowitz Wins $800,000 Verdict in New York Premises Liability Case

RELEASED: April 20, 2011


New York personal injury attorney Barry S. Kantrowitz recently secured an $826,576 premises liability verdict for a client who fractured her right hip’s femur after a fall on the grounds of her apartment complex.

In November 2006, the 60-year old plaintiff was walking her two dogs around her apartment building when she tripped on a broken curb. She fell, fracturing her femur. The area in which she fell also had a broken floodlight.

During her surgery and recovery, the plaintiff also suffered an embolism and hypoxia. Two years later, she underwent further surgery to rotate her bone and add a larger rod to fix her gait. While her condition has improved and she returned to her full-time employment, the plaintiff has lingering pain from her trip and fall. Her medical expenses totaled more than $76,000. She sought recovery for her medical expenses as well as her pain and suffering.

Using multiple medical experts and an engineering expert, attorney Kantrowitz was able to show that the corporate owner of the apartment complex was negligent in maintaining the premises. By not repairing the curb and the floodlight, Kantrowitz argued that the defendant had caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

The jury found that the apartment complex was negligent and liable for 90 percent of the plaintiff’s injuries. The plaintiff was awarded full damages for past medical expenses and $750,000 for pain and suffering, for a total award of $826,576. After reduction for liability, the plaintiff recovered $743,918. There was no offer by the defendant prior to the trial.

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