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Photo of a business meetingMuch like a divorce between spouses, the dissolution of a business can also involve confusion and heightened emotions along with the division of assets. Whether you have amicably agreed to dissolve a business venture or you are at a disagreement with the other owners, the experienced employment and business lawyers at the firm of Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C., can protect your legal and financial interests.

Our business divorce attorneys are able to help you determine a fair apportionment of the assets and liabilities of the company. We strive to minimize your liability and avoid any lawsuits that could negatively impact you now or in the future in negotiation or corporate litigation if your case necessitates it.

Why Should I Prepare For a Future Business Dissolution or Business Divorce?

Taking steps now to protect yourself as well as your business partners could make a future dissolution of your company a far less traumatic experience. Much like newlyweds, business partners in the early stages of their joint venture rarely foresee a situation in which they would no longer want to continue their relationship.

Some of the most common reasons for business dissolution include:

  • Difference in opinion as to what direction the business should take
  • Financial difficulties, which can also serve to bring smaller disagreements to light
  • Differences in management style
  • Retirement, or even severe illness or injury of a partner
  • Inability to work together
  • Unequal distribution of work load, especially when the pay is equal
  • Theft, fraud or other misconduct of a partner

Need a Lawyer to Dissolve Your New York or New Jersey Business?

No matter the reason, the process of the dissolution of a business can be a difficult one for all the principals involved. Our firm will work closely with all the appropriate professionals such as accountants and business valuation experts to establish the value of your assets, debts, tax obligations and other issues. KGG is also adept at handling the division of clients and customers, intellectual property interests, disposition of owned or leased property and associated issues.

Our New York and New Jersey lawyers will work to ensure that our clients are compensated accordingly for any investment of personal capital in the business. Business dissolution, like a divorce, often requires creative solutions in order reach an equitable settlement. If it becomes necessary to go to court to fully resolve your issue, your KGG attorneys have the experience and a reputation for results you can count on. We can be reached via telephone at (800) 711-5258 or contact us online.

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