A Class Action Lawsuit, also known as a Class Suit or Representative Action, allows a group of people to have a voice in court while being represented by one party. These types of court processes are mainly seen in the United States, due to their complexity within the civil court system, however, they can sometimes be seen in areas of Europe, heavily populated by a dominant class of consumer.

These class action lawsuits differ from normal lawsuits in their form of representation. In your typical lawsuit, a plaintiff will go before a judge staking claims against a single defendant in hopes of receiving a judge ruling their favor. However, a class action lawsuit is based on the claims of an entire group against the defendant, the pursuant group will have one representative as their voice to fight against their defendant.

Employers can see typical situations of class action lawsuits in such areas as the work place, where employees fight against discrimination against race, age, gender, or religion. Others involved in class action lawsuits may be Medical patients who have been prescribed prescription medications with dangerous side effects that they have not been formally warned about. Consumer groups fighting against such situations as false advertisement, manipulative business tactics, or defective products however, can see the most common instances of Class Action Lawsuits.

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