Automotive News reported last week that American Honda Motor Co. has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit over claims that it manufactured more than 1.5 million defective vehicles that excessively burn oil and require frequent spark plug replacements.

The vehicles are reportedly 2008-12 Accords, 2008-13 Odysseys, 2009-13 Pilots, 2010-11 Accord Crosstours and 2012 Crosstours equipped with six-cylinder engines that have variable cylinder management. The news outlet reported that four-cylinder engines are excluded from the settlement.

Two plaintiffs who claimed that the vehicles contained a “systematic design defect that enables oil to enter into the engine’s combustion chamber” filed the original lawsuit in 2012. The alleged defect led to “premature spark plug degradation and engine malfunction.”

The plaintiffs said that the auto company hid the problem from consumers, despite receiving hundreds of complaints.

Under the terms of the settlement, Honda has agreed to extend the powertrain-limited warranty for up to eight years after the original sale or lease of the vehicle. It also agreed not to oppose the counsel attorney fees as long as they do not exceed more than $800,000.

Automakers and auto part manufacturers must be held liable when their defective products falter, costing consumers money and time. This can be done through a class action lawsuit, allowing all consumers who have been affected to receive compensation. For example, our lawyers are now investigating possible defects in Honda Pilot and Honda Ridgeline radiators for cracking and/or corrosion. Our firm is also involved in a lawsuit over a potential defect in the rear brakes of the Hyundai Santa Fe, model years 2006 to present.

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