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KGG Law Firm Investigating Falsely Labeled SAM-e Supplements

Kantrowitz Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C., a law firm with a nationwide consumer fraud class action practice, is currently investigating potential consumer fraud claims on behalf of purchasers of S-adenosylmethionine (also referred to as “os-adenosyl-methionine” or “SAMe” or “SAM-e” or “SAME” or “samee”) supplements which are fraudulently labeled and place consumers in risk of bodily harm. SAM-e supplements are commonly sold in the form of a synthesized compound combining active SAM-e raw material, tosylate disulfate inactive salt and special tablet coding, and is referred to together as SAM-e tosylate disulfate.

Several companies selling SAM-e dietary supplements through Amazon and other forums — including Vitamins Because You Are Worth It, NusaPure, aSquared Nutrition, We Like Vitamins and BoostCeuticals –, advertise false quantities of SAM-e per serving, which at times have been found to contain as little as 12-17% of the advertised amount of SAM-e. Their falsely stated SAM-e quantities and low retail prices mislead consumers into purchasing SAM-e supplements from these Amazon sellers under false pretenses. Moreover, the misleading labeling of SAM-e supplements could lead to significant injury to unknowing purchasers who rely on the accuracy of dietary supplement labelling to make informed purchasing decisions and consume a proper dosage of vitamins and dietary supplements.

If you have purchased a SAM-e supplement and wish to speak with an attorney at the firm about this matter, please contact class action attorney Jay I. Brody, Esq., Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C., 747 Chestnut Ridge Road – Suite 200, Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977 via telephone: (888) 608-9232 or email:

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Interesting Estate Issue on Joint Accounts

NY and NJ divorce lawyer Paul Goldhamer, Esq. is a founding partner of Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, with office locations in Bergen County, New Jersey and Rockland County, New York.  Among many other awards and citations Mr. Goldhamer has accrued over the years, honored Paul with its prestigious “Super Lawyer” designation in 2014. When not practicing law, Mr. Goldhamer keeps busy with speaking engagements, media outreach and charitable services.

From Paul Goldhamer, Esq.:

Recently a new client stuck in a family argument as to distribution of a parent’s assets asked me a question, to which I did not have a definitive answer. His current estate lawyer was ready to throw in the towel on the issue. His siblings’ estate lawyer had put forth the position that assets ($800,000. In this case) passed by a bank account with joint survivorship benefits to the brother we’re not properly excluded from the distribution by the will. They wanted ½ or $400,000. This was because the decedent signed the authorization on a different page, than the page which recited  it was a joint account. The argument was, because the signature was on the front of the card and not on the back of the card the decedent might not have realized what they signed.

This is an issue that really has to do with bank forms and the “intent of the decedent”. There are cases that find both ways. Intent of someone who is already dead is sometimes difficult to prove. Banks often require their forms and sometimes do it on the front and back of small cards or different sheets of paper. They do not thinking about the results, but rather what the bank requires from their point of view.

The court should decide this based on the “intent“ of the decedent. One way to assure the outcome is that when you open up a joint account, over your signature print the words “with right of survivorship to X”. In the alternative, initial the front of the card where it says that it’s a joint survivor account.

Arguments can evolve from almost any action. We at KGG are here to help you with your Estate, Will & Trust issues.

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The firm is currently litigating a putative class action involving a potential defect in the PRIMARY TIMING CHAIN ASSEMBLIES for JAGUAR and LAND ROVER vehicles, model years 2012 through 2014, equipped with a 5.0 liter direct injection engine.  Class vehicles include but are not limited to the following Range Rover platforms/vehicles: LR4 (LA), Range Rover Sport (LW), Range Rover Sport (LS), Range Rover (LS) and Range Rover (LM). Jaguar class vehicles also include but are not limited to the following Jaguar vehicles: XF, XJ, XK, XFR, XJR, XKR and F-Type.

This suit alleges that these vehicles suffer premature failure even though the maintenance schedule contains no schedule for inspection or replacement of the timing chain assemblies and they are touted as lasting the life of the vehicle but, in fact, failed prematurely at significant cost to the owners. The suit seeks reimbursement of the cost of repair and replacement of the timing chain assemblies as well as reimbursement for the engine damage caused by certain cases of timing chain failure.  In addition, there have been numerous complaints relating to these failures in 2012 – 2014 Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles filed by consumers with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Office of Defect Investigation (NHTSA-ODI).  These complaints indicate that owners have experienced problems with their timing chain assemblies during or soon after the warranty has expired.

If you are interested in finding out more about this matter or if you are interested in participating, please contact Gary S. Graifman at (888) 608-9232 or via email at

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KGG Law Firm Investigating Misrepresentation by Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings logoThe firm is currently investigating potential deceptive trade practices relating to Buffalo Wild Wings (“BWW”).  A suit has been commenced alleging that the company made misrepresentations and omissions which deceived vegetarians and certain other consumers into choosing, consuming and paying for items which were cooked in beef tallow. Beef tallow is used to fry the products prepared at BWW and is not disclosed on the menu which may have lead vegetarians or persons with special dietary needs due to religious or health reasons, to purchase a meal which was prepared using a beef product.

If you have any interest in speaking with an attorney at the firm about this matter, please contact Gary S. Graifman, Esq., Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C., at, 210 Summit Avenue, Montvale, New Jersey 07645 or via telephone: (888) 624-4916; or Fax: (201) 307-1086.

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Deadly Hoboken Train Crash: The Latest Updates

commuter train pulling into station

One of the busiest train stations in the region was instantly plunged into chaos last Thursday, September 29, as a New Jersey commuter train crashed in Hoboken. The horrific disaster left one person dead and at least 108 injured, including the train’s engineer. Many of those who were injured were listed as being in critical condition. The train was carrying approximately 250 passengers at the time, who were propelled out of their seats as the train plowed over the bumper at the terminal and careened onto the concourse. It finally came to a halt near the waiting area of the terminal.

Investigators have identified the deceased victim of train accident

The sole fatality of the crash was identified as a female bystander who had been waiting on the platform as the train sped into the station. Fabiola Bittar de Kroon, a 34-year-old resident of Hoboken, was killed when she was struck by falling debris. The train crash had caused part of the supporting structure and the ceiling to collapse on top of her.

De Kroon, who was originally from Santos, Brazil, was married with one young child. At the time of the crash, her child was in daycare and her husband was out of town on business. The young mother had been a corporate lawyer in Brazil. The family moved to the U.S. when the husband, Daan, landed a job working for an international liquor company. The couple’s daughter is believed to be just one year old.

Investigation is ongoing

The investigation was initially hindered by the inability of the responders to access the event recorder, commonly known as the black box. The train had caused significant structural damage to the train station and the levels of asbestos were too high. On Saturday afternoon, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) indicated that extensive debris removal was underway. When one of the event records was finally recovered from the rear of the train, it was immediately couriered to its manufacturer in Kentucky, where critical data can be downloaded.

The second black box and forward-facing camera from the front of the train have yet to be recovered. Investigators have declined to speculate as to the cause of the crash, saying that more information is needed before drawing any conclusions.

Thomas Gallagher, a 29-year veteran of the railway and the train’s engineer, was interviewed on Saturday by investigators. The interview had to be delayed until the weekend because of Gallagher’s injuries. Investigators have declined to release any details about the content of the interview; however, they have confirmed that they sent blood and urine samples to a laboratory for toxicology tests.

Legal guidance New Jersey victims can trust

Since 1975, the personal injury attorneys at Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C. have made it their life’s work to help others recover and move forward. We combine extensive legal knowledge with a superior commitment to client care. Our talented litigators are privileged to serve families throughout New York, New Jersey, and beyond. To arrange a consultation and receive the answers to your legal questions, call our office today at 800.711.5258.

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