Questions about Child Custody and Visitation?

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Photo of parents arguing in front of their childAt KGG, family lawyer Paul Goldhamer leads our divorce team to help parents find agreeable resolutions to difficult child custody matters.

Issues involving child custody and visitation are frequently very emotional, and can complicate your intention to divorce. KGG lawyers work hard for lasting solutions that you are comfortable with, and most importantly that benefit your children.

When parents cannot agree on child custody and/or visitation schedules, it can cause immense turmoil to the entire family. Our child custody lawyers offer parents solid legal advice as to their situations and work hard to negotiate mutually beneficial arrangements between parents. If negotiation and settlement are not possible, we are prepared to litigate your case before a judge at trial.

Questions for Child Custody Lawyers?

Child custody and family lawyer Paul Goldhamer and his experienced team of divorce attorneys offer solid legal leadership for divorce disputes related to:

Do You or Your Child Need Protection from Domestic Violence?

Disagreements over child custody and visitation rights can be complicated further by allegations of domestic violence in your home. We can pursue an order of protection for you and your child. We can also defend you against false allegations of domestic abuse and protect your parental rights.

Child Custody Laws Regarding Enforcement and Modification

If one parent is failing to live up to their custody obligations, it may be necessary to seek a contempt or enforcement order to protect your custody and visitation rights. It is unacceptable for a parent to disobey orders of court, particularly when involving children.

In other situations, you may require a child custody modification if circumstances have substantially changed since the initial order was entered. A substantial change in lifestyle may make a post-divorce modification of custody and visitation schedules necessary.

If one parent wishes to move with children, or if a parent disagrees with such a request, a parental relocation order may be necessary. Any divorced parent or unmarried parent with a child custody order must consult with a qualified family law attorney before moving with children, as moving without leave or court may violate the custody order. Parents who violate court orders risk losing custody and visitation rights to their children.

Need Child Custody Lawyers to Enforce Orders or Visitation Rights?

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